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Duncan Lorimer

Physics Professor

West Virginia University Department of Physics & Astronomy

Duncan Lorimer

BSc University of Wales, 1990
MSc University of Manchester, 1991
PhD University of Manchester, 1994

White Hall
PO Box 6315
Morgantown, WV 26506
(304) 293-4867 |

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I’m an astronomer interested in compact objects (black holes, neutron stars and white dwarfs) which I study using radio pulsars: rapidly spinning, highly magnetized neutron stars. Pulsars are great fun to study and have lead to a lot of exciting adventures over the years.  arrived at WVU in May 2006 from the Jodrell Bank Pulsar Group where I worked as a Royal Society Research Fellow. Before that I was at Arecibo Observatory (1998-2001) and at the MPIfR in Bonn (1995-1998). 

My research revolves around surveys for radio pulsars and what they tell us about the population of neutron stars. This work is carried out with many collaborators and uses some of the classic radio telescopes around the world. Of particular interest are young, energetic pulsars and binary systems where the orbiting companion is a white dwarf, a main sequence star, another neutron star, and (perhaps soon!) a stellar-mass black hole.