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Harsha Blumer

Research Scientist

Harsha Blumer

Phone: (304) 293-3422


College or Department: Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Physics and Astronomy

Website or CV:

Dr. Blumer’s research focuses on understanding the aftermath of supernova explosions, pulsars, and magnetars in the radio and high-energy wavelengths. A primary focus of her research is to address the diversity of neutron stars by studying their environs (e.g., supernova remnants, pulsar/magnetar wind nebulae) using the data from Chandra, XMM-Newton, Swift, NuSTAR and Fermi. She is a member of different collaborations (e.g., NANOGrav, NICER) and participates in the scientific activities of ESA’s future X-ray mission ATHENA and NASA’s proposed gamma-ray mission AMEGO. She is also heavily involved in the education and public outreach efforts through Pulsar Search Collaboratory (PSC).

White Hall
Morgantown, WV 26506

Ph.D.  University of Manitoba, 2013