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Neutron Stars

Neutron stars are the compact remnants of massive stars that have ended their lives in supernovae. We study many aspects of these exotic objects, both observationally and from a theoretical perspective. These include efforts to understand their emission mechanisms, measure their masses, model the population of neutron stars in our galaxy, and predict rates of neutron star binary mergers detectable by gravitational-wave observatories. 

Researchers in this area include:

Sarah Burke-Spolaor
Emmanuel Fonseca
Duncan Lorimer
Maura McLaughlin
Sean McWilliams

Recent publications:

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Ding, Hao, Deller, Adam T., Fonseca, Emmanuel, Stairs, Ingrid H., Stappers, Benjamin, and Lyne, Andrew, 2021, The Orbital-decay Test of General Relativity to the 2% Level with 6 yr VLBA Astrometry of the Double Neutron Star PSR J1537+1155The Astrophysical Journal, 921.

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