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Gravitational Waves and Cosmology


Postdoctoral Fellow - Fast Radio Bursts

The role of this position is to support development and science of the Realfast project being developed on the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array. Incumbent will work on development and use of the “Realfast” commensal radio transient detector on the Very Large Array. The postdoc will be involved in Fast Radio Burst observations, data acquisition, follow-up, and interpretation. 
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Postdoctoral Fellow - Active Galaxies and Multi-Messenger Astronomy

The postdoc will carry out collaborative and independent research in multi-wavelength and multi-messenger searches/studies of binary and recoiling supermassive black holes, the physical processes of active galactic nuclei, and/or the evolution of galaxies. Exceptional candidates interested in supermassive black hole source population modelling, observational limits on cosmic strings, and other areas of nanohertz-band gravitational wave astrophysics will also be considered.
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