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Mountaineers reunite at 2021 Fall NANOGrav Meeting


West Virginia University was well represented by both current and former Mountaineers at the 2021 Fall NANOGrav Collaboration meeting last week at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.  The meeting was held October 13-15, 2021 and included scientific talks, special guest speakers, poster sessions, and panel discussions.

Current and Former Mountaineers attending the 2021 Fall NANOGrav Meeting.
From left to right, lower row: Nihal Pol, Jacob Turner, Natasha McMann, Maura McLaughlin

From left to right, upper row: Michael Lam, Olivia Young, Benetge Perera, Caitlin Witt, Joe Glaser, Ross Jennings

Former WVU graduate student Nihal Pol is now a postdoc at Vanderbilt with Prof. Stephen Taylor.

WVU graduate student Jacob Turner works with Prof. Maura McLaughlin.

Former WVU undergraduate Natasha McMann is a graduate student at Vanderbilt working with Prof. Kelly Holley-Bockelmann.

Maura McLaughlin is the Eberly Family Distinguished Professor and Director of the Center for Gravitational Waves and Cosmology at WVU and the NANOGrav PFC Co-Director.

Former WVU postdoc Michael Lam is now an Assistant Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology. 

Former WVU undergraduate Olivia Young  is now a graduate student at Rochester Institute of Technology working with Prof. Michael Lam. 

Former WVU graduate student Benetge Perera is currently an Observatory Scientist at the Arecibo Observatory.

WVU graduate student Caitlin Witt works with Prof. Sarah Burke-Spoloar.

Joe Glaser is the Scientific Computations Specialist for WVU and NANOGrav.

Cornell graduate student Ross Jennings will start a postdoc at WVU in January of 2022.