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Recognizing our Postdoctoral Researchers during Postdoc Appreciation Week


The National Postdoc Appreciation Week is September 21-25, 2020.

Thank you postdocs

While we wish we could celebrate in person, we have gathered some collective comments from faculty across the Center to thank and celebrate our postdocs virtually. If you have a moment, please send a note of thanks to any postdoc you know. Here are a few of ours.

Leonardo Rosa Werneck:

"Leo is an indispensable part of my research group. He dedicates himself completely to the research. He helps to mentor the junior members of the group, fill in to teach and regularly contributes brilliant ideas to advance not only the research but its communication to others. Leo is well liked by the students he teaches and the researchers he mentors. Without Leo, I would be a less effective researcher, and his efforts make both my research group and research collaborations far stronger."

Natalia Lewandowska:

"Natalia is an incredible mentor to so many graduate students! She has been a main driver of moving the Pulsar Search Collaboratory forward, and I’m grateful to call her a colleague and friend."

Matteo Luisi:

"Matteo is dependable, hardworking, and thoughtful. All of his work is of the highest quality, from data taking and analysis to writing, and I feel very fortunate that we get to continue working together."

Michal Pirog:

"Thank you, Michal, for your dedicated work throughout challenging circumstances."

Harsha Blumer:

"Harsha has been the main force behind developing our new remote version of the PSC (Pulsar Search Collaboratory) program. This has not been easy as she's had to bring lots of people together in a new way. She never gave up and the program has been very successful! She's made a real impact on students and their lives and has developed educational materials for them that we will be using for years to come. She has also led several important projects on X-ray analysis of magnetars which have expanded the frontiers of this field, and has been successful at being awarded highly competitive time on X-ray telescopes. She's also just a wonderful person to work with and a great collaborator."

Dustin “Dusty” Madison:

"Dusty is a very diverse researcher, with interests ranging from the Sun to the cosmic microwave background. Dusty has been an extremely valuable member of the Center; he always has insights on student projects and is generous with his ideas. He's also been an instructor for both introductory astronomy and, now, an honors book club course."

To all of our Postdocs: "Thanks for taking our ideas and pushing them to reality!"

On behalf of everyone in the Center, we thank you for your hard work, dedication and commitment our mission.