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Malcolm LaRose will Step into New Research in Graduate School at RIT


Malcolm LaRose, a graduate of WVU Astronomy and Physics,will be stepping into a new level research in graduate school at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in the School of Physics and Astronomy in Rochester, New York.

He is a recent graduate of WVU with a Bachelor of Science in Physics and a minor in Geology. He explored many options early in his undergraduate career and ended up choosing physics with an end goal of studying astronomy. His advisor, Dr. Maura McLaughlin, guided him through pulsar research and allowed him to explore multiple fields of study.“I was very grateful for doing pulsar research with Dr. McLaughlin, as it gave me a flavor for cutting edge astronomy research and helped me develop a lot of professional skills that will be useful in my (future!) career.”

While he chose physics in order to focus on astronomy, he is also passionate about the math that describes the natural world. This unbound curiosity has piqued his interest in a master’s degree and possibly a PhD program.

He plans to keep his option open while exploring city life for the first time. As a native West Virginian, he is most excited to live in a city for the first time in his life and sees this opportunity as an essential step in broadening his world view. Malcolm sees his graduate work at RIT a springboard into the future.

Congratulations, Malcolm!

Malcolm LaRose and Katelin Cooper

Image: Malcolm LaRose and Katelin Cooper