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Graduates move on to research internships at Green Bank Observatory this summer


Olivia Young and Gabriella Agazie will be moving into internships at Green Bank Observatory (GBO) this summer before starting their graduate school careers.

Olivia Young Gabriella "Lulu" Agazie

Olivia (left)will be working with Dr. Andrew Seymour at the GBO applying techniques used in CATCH to identify pulsar and fast radio burst (FRB) candidates.She is looking forward to exploring new methods for data processing and exploring strengths and limitations of these approaches.Olivia states “data processing and signal detection are areas that really excite me.Working with Dr. Seymour and the GBO will give me the opportunity to pursue these interests using unsearched data taken at a state-of-the-art radio astronomy facility within my home state”.

Olivia will be attending graduate school at Rochester Institute of Technology in the fall of 2020.

Gabriella “Lulu” Agazie (right)will also be moving to her internship at GBO this summer.She will be working with Dr. Ryan Lynch on simulating pulsar populations to study various pulsar surveys.She expressed her excitement by sharing her vision that “the research I do over this summer will help me jump start my graduate research career”.Gabriella will be attending graduate school at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the fall of 2020.

Both Olivia and Gabriella express passion about collaborative research and are looking forward to their internships at Green Bank Observatorythis summer.