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Jocelyn Bell Burnell Public Lecture at West Virginia University on November 5, 2019


Groundbreaking scientist Jocelyn Bell Burnell delivered a public lecture before an audience of over 200 people at West Virginia University's Ming Hsieh Hall on Tuesday evening, November 5, 2019.In "Discovery of Pulsars: A Graduate Student's Story," Professor Bell Burnell described her discovery of pulsars, or magnetized rotating neutron stars that emit pulsing radio waves, while a student at the University of Cambridge. In recognition of the importance of her work, Bell Burnell received a Special Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics in 2018. Bell Burnell donated the entirety of the $3 million prize to establish a scholarship fund for underrepresented students in physics research.
Bell Burnell public lecture close up Bell Burnell public lecture

A recording of the lecture may be viewed here:
Bell Burnell public lecture group panorama photo
Photo credit: Natalia Lewandowska