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Myles Thornton-Sherman

REU Student

Myles Thornton Sherman



Website or CV:

Myles is originally from Waterford, Vermont. He is working with Dr. Loren Anderson on Gas in the Interstellar Medium. 

The goal of his project is to utilize data from the GBT Diffuse Ionized Gas Survey to assemble a catalog of the intensity, size, and location of clouds of formaldehyde throughout the Milky Way. The structure of these clouds was characterized using a dendrogram-based algorithm that determines cloud hierarchies. These structures are designated as trunks, branches, and leaves, where trunks represent the largest extent of each cloud. Branches are substructures within trunks and leaves are substructures within branches. This methodology requires that a minimum value of intensity and a minimum pixel count be taken into account, these values were determined using the standard deviation of the average spectral noise across the survey and the specifications of the resolution of the surveying telescope.

What attracted you to this REU Program?

"I am very interested in astrochemistry and developing a better understanding of the mechanisms of organic reactions in the interstellar medium. My mentor, Loren Anderson, is very experienced with this type of research so being able to work with him this summer was a big reason I decided to be a part of this program."

How do you plan to use this experience in the future?

"The skills in data analysis and collection, along with necessary astrophysical coding knowledge I have attained will be instrumental in providing oppertunities for future research in my career."

  • Colby College