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Lizzy Rhodes

REU Student

Lizzy Rhodes



Website or CV:

Lizzy is originally from Weirton, WV. She is working with Dr. Emmanuel Fonseca on Pulsar Science with the CHIME Telescope. 

Lizzy is using CHIME data from pulsar J0210+5845 as it exhibits an abnormal amount of spin frequency derivatives that may be due to orbital motion. 

She is creating a python program that uses theoretical binary motion equations from the 1996 paper by Joshi and Radio to find theoretical orbital parameters for a binary companion. The spin period, mass, eccentricity, and semi-major axis of the companion will tell us if the pulsar is actually in a binary system. She will then confirm these results with images at various wavelengths in the relative sky position. 

Why did you choose the WVU Astrophysics REU program?

"WVU's REU program was my number one choice. Coming from West Virginia, I have always admired the research conducted right from my back yard. I found that the staff was warm and welcoming from the start. I also love that there are so many women in leadership positions that I can look up to."

What has been the most surprising about your REU experience?

"I was surprised to see how close-knit this program is with the department. It is a very collaborative environment where everyone is willing to help you. This also provides insight into what a future career in astrophysics could look like."

Any plans to use this experience in the future?

"I have gained so many transferable skills like coding, creating a research poster and networking."