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Caryelis Bayona Figueroa

REU Student

Caryelis Bayona Figueroa



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Caryelis is originally from Juana Díaz, Puerto Rico, working with Dr. Maura McLaughlin this summer. Her research project  consists on searching for pulsars from unidentified Fermi LAT gamma-ray sources. 

She wanted to have a summer opportunity where she could study pulsars, and also work under the mentorship of Dr. Maura McLaughlin. "This is actually my second time applying to this program, and I feel very grateful for the opportunity."

What was the most surprising thing about Morgantown this summer?

"I would say the most surprising thing about Morgantown is the amount hills and outdoor activities you can do. Is a very peaceful place, but kind of centric at the same time. The most surprising thing about the program, for me, would be the activities that we did almost every week. I liked that they assigned two graduate students to help us plan activities for almost every weekend. We did so many things that I've never done before."

How do you plan to use this experience in the future?

"I think this experience provided me the basics on how a pulsar research focused career would look like. I learned many skills that, without any doubt, I'll be using in the future. Also, I plan to continue my research project during the semester."

  • University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez