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Ryan Nowicki

Ryan Nowicki



Website or CV:

Ryan is working to build a database of supermassive binary black hole candidates for future use in multi-messenger follow-up studies.

Ryan's advisor is Dr. Sarah Burke-Spolaor.

In their free time, they enjoy drawing, writing poetry, playing video games, and all things Star Wars!

  • "I've really enjoyed being able to work behind the scenes to build a database. Learning more about how the code works and thinking through all the ways to organize the database to best fit what we want to catalogue has been super exciting."
  • "Go explore! There will be plenty of time for science every day, but there won't always be the chance to go try that new restaurant or go hiking at that park! Having time for work and time for fun makes both experiences much more worthwhile!"
  •  "I think I will take back a better understanding of how to balance my time between reading, research, and relaxation -- that and a heavy dose of coding experience."

  • The University of Texas at Austin
  • Majoring in Astronomy and Physics, Minoring in Creative Writing