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Braden Garretson

Braden Garretson



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Braden's project is studying the long term spectral evolution of the newly discovered magnetar Swift J1818.0-1607. Magnetars are neutron stars with the strongest magnetic field in the known universe. They are typically detected by large outbursts of x-rays and gamma rays powered by their intense internal magnetic fields. These bursts are often accompanied by changes in the properties of the magnetars persistent x-ray emission. By studying how their persistent x-ray emission changes over time, we can learn about properties of the magnetars such as how it's temperature and flux change over time following a burst.

Matthew's advisor is Dr. Harsha Blumer.

Outside of physics and astronomy, he likes to play the trombone, hike, and do nature photography.

  • "My favorite aspect about my project is that it's given me the opportunity to learn how to process x-ray data from a lot of the major x-ray telescopes and getting to learn more about the physics of magnetars."
  • "What surprised me the most was the people. The most enjoyable parts of the summer has been doing things with everyone else in the REU."

  • Purdue University
  • Physics major with math and astronomy minor