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Audrey Zinn

Audrey Zinn



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CHIME’s Very Long Baseline Interferometry relies on precise timing mechanisms to ensure localization of Fast Radio Bursts to their host galaxy. She is analyzing the delays of various GPS clock systems to ensure they are stable enough for these precision requirements.

Audrey's advisor is Dr. Kevin Bandura.

In her free time, she enjoys cooking new recipes, reading, playing Stardew Valley, painting, coloring, and watching TV/movies/videos with friends. She is also an avid coffee drinker who enjoys trying new coffee shops.

  • "I have been really surprised by how hands-on my project has been. I did not have a user manual for all of the GPSs so my first two weeks were spent pushing various buttons and plugging in different chords until I got them to start working. I have also gone down to Green Bank Observatory with my advisor and one of his grad students, and I got to help update and fix one of their telescopes."
  • "It is totally ok to not be sure why you are doing the things you are doing during your research project. In fact, it is perfectly OK to ask “why should I care” or “how does doing this get me closer to an answer.”
  • "I know that I will look back on this summer very fondly thanks to everyone here with me."

  • The Ohio State University
  • Double major in Physics and Astronomy