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We welcome new members from all departments who will contribute to the science, education, and outreach mission of the Center.

West Virginia University Members

Benjamin M. Statler
College of Engineering & Mineral Resources

Lane Department of Computer Science & Electrical Engineering

Kevin Bandura, Assistant Professor
(304) 293-9686 |

Katerina Goseva-Popstojanova, Professor
(304) 293-9691  |

Natalia Schmid, Professor

College of Arts & Sciences

Department of Physics & Astronomy

Loren Anderson, Associate Professor
(304) 293-4884  |

Sarah Burke-Spolaor, Assistant Professor 
(304) 293-2771  |

Zach Etienne, Associate Professor
(304) 293-8515 | 

Duncan Lorimer, Professor 
(304) 293-4867  |

Maura McLaughlin, Eberly Family Distinguished Professor, Center Director
(304) 293-4812  |

Sean McWilliams, Associate Professor
(304) 293-3076  |

D.J. Pisano, Professor, Department Chair
(304) 293-4886  |

Kathryn Williamson, Teaching Associate Professor
(304) 293-3422  |

Harsha Blumer, Postdoctoral Researcher

Peter Breiding, Postdoctoral Researcher    

Matteo Luisi, Postdoctoral Researcher 

Dustin Madison, Postdoctoral Researcher 

Michal Pirog, Postdoctoral Researcher  

Leonardo Rosa Werneck, Postdoctoral Researcher

Joseph Glaser, Systems Administrator

Margaret Mattson, Program Coordinator

Holly Legleiter, Public Relations Coordinator

Affiliate Members

Marshall University

Department of Physics

Maria Babiuc-Hamilton, Associate Professor
(304) 696-2754 |

National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Green Bank Telescope

Ryan Lynch, Staff Scientist

Shepherd University

Institute for Environmental and Physical Sciences

Jason Best, Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics

West Virginia Wesleyan College

Department of Physics & Engineering

Tracey DeLaney, Research Assistant Professor

Advisory Board Members

Arthur Kosowsky
Professor, Associate Director of PITT PACC
University of Pittsburgh
Alice Olmstead
Assistant Professor
Texas State University
Chris Palma
Senior Lecturer II
Penn State University

Pavlos Protopapas
Scientific Program Director, Institute for Applied Computational Science
Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Ira Thorpe
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center