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National Postdoc Appreciation Week feature: Peter Breiding


In celebration of National Postdoc Appreciation Week, we want to highlight our current Postdoctoral Researchers in the Center. 

Peter Breiding

Peter Breiding, PhD, is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher in the WVU Department of Physics and Astronomy and the Center for Gravitational Waves and Cosmology.

Peter is a Postdoc in the research lab of Prof. Sarah Burke-Spolaor, where his research focuses on multi-messenger astronomy. He is working on data from just about all the wavelengths that the electromagnetic spectrum has to offer. He is also currently searching for the biggest, darkest, baddest supermassive black holes in the universe in binary systems!

According to Spolaor, he is the lab's resident expert on Active Galactic Nuclei at multiple wavelengths. 

Along with his research, he is also an ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array) Ambassador. The ALMA Ambassador Fellows Program provides training and research grants to postdocs and early career researchers interested in expanding ALMA/Interferometry expertise.  As a fellow, he is trained in ALMA capabilities and supporting the ALMA user community through training in data processing and analysis techniques.

 Thank you to all of our Postdocs! 

We wish him a very special National Postdoc Appreciation wish as he will begin a new research career in the coming weeks.

Thank you, Peter, for all that you bring to the Center as a postdoc! We wish you the best of luck in your research career.

This year's Postdoc Appreciation Week is September 20-24, 2021. The event was created by the National Postdoc Association (NPA) in 2009 and continues to advocate and celebrate postdoctoral researchers across the globe. The NPA is a non-profit association that seeks to improve the postdoctoral experience by supporting a culture of inclusive connection.